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Remote Connection — the Master Piece of Interaction that on Top of Time and Space

The internet is developing so fast that it almost reaches into every part of our lives.The network that all across the world is able to connect the dots into lines to wipe out the distance of time and space, which help to achieve the things we couldn’t even imagine before. The accomplishment of remote connection is bringing the various and convenience function of remote live broadcasting .
Nagasoft is in promoting the portable integrated live production software and device – NSCaster which is an advanced live broadcasting device with a full set of remote interacting function .
NSCaster can capture the remote video signal into net channels via the internet. In that case, wherever your live signal comes from, it is able to access to the NSCaster to broadcast lively. It can be used to do remote interview, user interact, live report, etc. Remote guests can connect their video and audio by PC, laptop, mobile devices into NSCaster.
Also, NSCaster is able to capture the desktop of remote computers through the internet by VJVGA desktop capture system in an easy and practical way .
Aprat from that, the user can create and edit CG subtitle and publish it remotely simply using a laptop via the network .
By NSCaster and other supporting products, Nagasoft is presenting you a perfect live experience with powerful features and comprehensive service as a live production expert.
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